Plaudit Image for Joy

"A beautiful painting of our animals (unbelievably from photos) captured by an extremely talented artist"


Plaudit Image for Chris

"This is my dog Groot. He looks cheeky because he is! Jason is a genius, he has captured him perfectly."


Plaudit Image for Anna

"For my sixtieth birthday, I opened a present and there looking at me was the exact likeness of our dalmation. Jason has captured the essence of Skyla's character in this portrait perfectly."


Plaudit Image for Paul

"The illustrations are amazing can't thank you enough"


Plaudit Image for Chris

"Jason has now completed four portraits of my obviously unique dog Groot. On each occasion he has captured the moment perfectly. Each time I have commissioned a picture he has sent me photos via whatsapp of the progress he is making. Jason is not only a gifted and talented artist his communication with his customer is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone who wants an image of someone or something close to their hearts.."


Plaudit Image for Julie

"This is my Wiggy to a tee. Thank you Jason for creating such a wonderful picture. It is something I will treasure forever. Every time I look at it, it brings a smile to my face."


Plaudit Image for Julie

"Jason has captured Stan perfectly. I knew straight away it was him. Every little thing was as if I was looking at Stan himself. What a wonderful picture and I LOVE it."


Plaudit Image for Debbie and Keith

"Your attention to detail is amazing. Every time we look at it, it brings a smile to our faces . You have captured so many things past and present and we cannot thank you enough. We love the way you have made everything fit together in one picture that says so much to us. Thank you for giving us something we will always treasure and enjoy."

Debbie and Keith

Plaudit Image for Annabel

"Having lived in a house filled with some of Jason's incredible artwork, I decided to ask him to paint one of my favourite animals. When I opened my tiger picture I was just so impressed by how life-like it was! This will be hanging up on my wall for a long time to come."


Plaudit Image for Julian and Sarah

"Jason drew this picture of Bracken shortly after she passed away. He has captured her likeness so beautifully ensuring the memory of our dear friend lives on."

Julian and Sarah

Plaudit Image for Pat

"Jason painted me a picture for my birthday of the forest in all its autumnal glory. It happens to be my favourite time of the year and gives me a such a feeling of calm and well-being. I can enjoy the pleasure of autumn all year round now."


Plaudit Image for Pat

"Frog Prince. Jason can emulate any type of artistry and over the years I have accumulate quite a variety of paintings. This cut out frog has pride of place in my kitchen."


Plaudit Image for Toney

"Avert your gaze, Porcupine stark naked! Whilst living in Africa, amongst other things, I collected porcupine quills. Many years later I asked Jason if he could conjure up a picture for me with them. I Should have known it would be something spectacular. A porcupine stripped off naked getting into a bathtub. Just ask him and he will produce something that will astound you."


Plaudit Image for Anneli

"Jason produced a fantastic Christmas card for our company. He asked us our ideas about what we wanted and kept us updated every step of the way. The final card is amazing and we can't wait to send it out to our customers. Thank you so much."


Plaudit Image for Jenny

"Max absolutely loves it? He was so please. A huge thank you."


Plaudit Image for Annabel and Thorben

"We were overwhelmed with emotion when we opened this amazing wedding gift to find our little baby Akila staring up at us. Jason managed to capture her cheeky and loving character so perfectly."

Annabel and Thorben